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Flying Eagle Album 1980-1983    
A year-by-year look at how it began and how it grew
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  • Our 25th anniversary! The celebration begins with a reunion at the MSU Union Building in East Lansing. All who enroll before the reunion will be treated at camp to a day in Traverse City with movies, McDonalds, amusement park, water slide, the works. The movies turn out to be “Raiders of the Lost Ark" and "The Empire Strikes Back.” What a great day!



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  • The lake’s water level is down and the beach is huge.
  • We have fantastic sand sculpture contests.
  • We also are having great song nights and song contests, especially with two campers from Mexico on board: Hector Suarez, with his guitar, and Benny Ibarra, a leading Menudo singer in Mexico.



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  • Flying Eagle’s new totem pole is uniquely ours – with an eagle, an Indian brave, an owl, a frog and a “killer” bass.
  • Crafts instructor Terry Kaufman paints an eagle on the basketball court.
  • The chow hall gets an extra exit.



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  • Sadly, this turns out to be Flying Eagle’s last summer as a camp. The Canjas are retiring and moving to Florida. Here’s our last staff. But like all the rest, it’s a summer full of fun and fellowship, activities and awards and a lot of accomplishment.
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