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Flying Eagle Album 1960-1969  
A year-by-year look at how it began and how it grew
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  • The big news: Dick Black comes to Flying Eagle as our new Program Director. Sons Rick and Terry are with him. (Gloria is back in St. Clair Shores, getting ready to deliver Susan.)
  • The water level is up so high that the swale and lake are connected. Counselor Andy Clark and campers build a bridge to get to the nature area... A new building goes up: part craft shop and part an off-duty room for counselors. A separate utility building is built.
  • Fourth-year campers get a camp jacket



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  • Paul Canja comes to camp at the age of 6 weeks! We add a raft. How did we get along without one?
  • The council fire area gets rebuilt. But the important thing still is awards! And PB and J’s afterwards.
  • Eight campers come back for their 5th year and receive 22’s: Gary Baduel, Harvey Bell, Steve Bell, Jamie Buhr, Larry Clark, George Huntzicker, Evan Ralyea and Giles Seevers.



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  • Counselor Dick Sharer helps campers build a nature hut. He and Bill Rocker also take older campers on camp-out trips to the Upper Peninsula.
  • After enjoying the food (especially the pies!) at Kay's Restaurant on Starvation Lake, Alex and Tess said: "Kay, you've got to be our camp cook!" and she agreed. Kay became an important part of Flying Eagle for the next seven years.
  • The chow hall gets a colorful makeover.



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  • The Bulletin Board goes up.
  • We all move out on the camp bus for trips to Mackinac Island. Back at camp, we have overnights at Forty Pines and Squaw Lake.



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  • Our season changes from 8 weeks to 7 weeks.
  • We get a new backstop for the ball field. Under “Coach” Black’s direction we’re playing other camps – and winning! We’re also taking canoe trips down the Manistee and exploring railroad beds for old lumber camp settlements.



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  • “I’ve created a Frankenstein!” says Alex, who is still carving Flying Eagle wallets for third-year campers. But now there are so many. So starting in 1966, third year campers get a jacket and 4th year campers get the wallets.
  • The Sioux move into a tent and their room in the dorm becomes a library and place for Bingo and movies. We expand our dorm trips to the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes.



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  • Good news from the kitchen: who could possibly follow in Kay's footsteps? Lucy! For the kitchen boys, a boat house goes up and they move in.
  • The Canja’s add a patio to the lodge, a great place for gatherings.



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  • A camp inspector gives us the state’s highest rating, adding “fine leadership joined to excellent facilities.”
  • The road to camp is improved. No more two-rut.
  • Camp gets a new Flying Eagle sign and gated entrance.
  • We also get a new rifle range.
  • Phil Toyama joins us to teach something new: judo!



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  • The big news is trampolining. We enlarge the pit, get a new trampoline and bring in gymnast Jim Brydon as instructor.



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  • We’re getting big time with a new addition to the dorm and a sign over the door that says: “World’s Greatest Campers Walk Through These Doors.”
  • We also get new dugouts and the “Sugar Shack!”
  • Check it out on the Bulletin Board. You can now earn over 40 awards.
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